Monday, December 30, 2013

Safeway Bags Some Bad Publicity

Clean up on aisle one.  Safeway made a mess for themselves.

Dominick's is (or was) a chain of food stores in the Chicago area that dates back to 1918.  The outfit has gone through several changes of ownership and in 1998 it was bought by Safeway.  Apparently things haven't been going that well because Safeway announced a couple months ago that they would be closing 72 Dominick's stores and laying off more than 6000 people on December 28th.

One of the employees about to get canned -- a young fellow named Steve Yamato --  made a humorous SciFi video which showed dragons, monsters, asteroids etc squashing Dominick's employees and he titled the mini flick: "Thanks Safeway."  Then he posted it on YouTube.

When Yamamoto arrived for his last day of work -- he was told that he was suspended.  Huh?  He (and 6600 other people) were going to be cashiered anyway - but Safeway decided to mop the floor with him as an example for remaining employees perhaps.

The result?  Stories on all the major Chicago TV stations, the Huffington Post, and in the local papers guaranteeing Yamamoto's video reach that it wouldn't have achieved in a million years.  All Safeway needed to do -- was nothing  --and the story and Yamamoto would have gone away.  But instead they made a real mess of things.

Check out one of the TV news clips here:

To view the full Safeway smackdown...see the video below.

h/t John McCandless

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