Sunday, January 27, 2013

Has Anybody Here Seen Kelley?

Bad advice is easy to get.  On CNN's Reliable Sources today Howard Kurtz was talking about his recent interview with Jill Kelley "the Other Other Woman" in the Petraeus sex scandal.  Months after having her life run over by paparazzi, Kelly finally spoke out in her own defense.

She actually has things worth saying.  Like the fact that the email account through which she sent allegedly flirtatious email to a four star general -- is shared with her the correspondence may not have been racy or inappropriate.  And she says despite press accounts that she and the general shared some thirty thousand pages of email -- in fact it was only a couple hundred email over several years time.  Apparently the Pentagon (also slow on the uptake) agrees -- finally clearing General John Allen of any wrongdoing just last week.

The Reliable Sources segment is below:

So why did it take more than two months for Kelley to come to her own defense?  Kurtz says she told him her "publicist" advised her to lay low and the story would blow over in a couple days. Kurtz guest Lola Ogunnaike correctly points out that this was terrible advice.   Some stories do blow over but--particularly in the modern environment -- when you have a story that involves spy chiefs, generals, angry lovers and politics, the media's thirst for more detail is going to outlive a participant's determination to wait things out.

There is nothing that Kelley said last week - that she couldn't have -- and shouldn't have said within a day or two of the story first breaking.  When you fail to feed the media beast -- there are plenty of other people who don't know the facts and don't care about you who are willing to do so.  Had Kelley spoken out a couple months ago -- she would have been a lot further along in getting her life back now.

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